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    The war not only saw the use of existing weapons and the development of new weapons, but it also resulted in the development of tactics to make the best use of available firearms. The list below is not exhaustive but it should give you a fair idea of the weapons and tactics of the era. Weapons. 1. Rapid Fire Weapons. a. Gatling gun with
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    Jul 01,  · July 1, PM EDT This post is in partnership with the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin. A version of the article below was originally published on the Ransom.
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    Jun 03,  · For all interested in the naval aspects of the Civil War, Ragan's latest book is a must read. Confederate Saboteurs advances not only his work in this area, but puts into new context Alex Roland's Underwater Warfare in the Age of Sail, published in the late s and Milton Perry's Infernal Machines, The Story of Confederate Submarine and Mine Warfare, published in the mid s – pioneering.
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    The MG 08 was the standard German machine gun. A copy of Hiram Maxim's design from , it was a clumsy weapon by modern standards. The early war version weighed 60 pounds for the machine gun.
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    The American Civil War, fought between the Union and Confederate forces, took place from to During the war, a variety of weapons were used on both sides. These weapons include edged weapons such as knives, swords, and bayonets, firearms such as, rifled-muskets, breech loaders and repeating weapons, various field guns such as artillery, and new weapons such as the early grenade.
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    This is a Prezi Presentation of the weapons used on both sides of King Philip's War.
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    Considered one of the first "modern" and "industrial" wars, the American Civil War saw a wealth of new technology and weapons come onto the battlefield. Advances during the conflict included a transition from muzzle-loading rifles to repeating breech-loaders, as well as the rise of armored, iron-hulled ships.
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    Jan 01,  · The American Civil War continues to be one of the most significant events in US history. In this title, readers will examine the weapons_large and small_used by both Union and Confederate forces in the war. Engaging text introduces readers to the new ironclad ships and submarines built for battle and the roles they played in military campaigns.

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